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Summer Lovin'

“July is Hollyhocks and hammocks, fireworks and vacations, hot and steamy weather, cool and refreshing swims, beach picnics and vegetables, all out of the garden.” - Jean Hersey

What am I reading?

My Dear Hamilton, a Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton by Stephanie Dray - This book chronicles the life of Eliza Hamilton, the wife of Alexander Hamilton. The book is narrated by Elizabeth herself in her later years. She looks back on all the things that took place in her life during the time of the American Revolution. The betrayal she suffered, the lost love as well as her involvement in the war against England. She explains how she came to know the Marquis de Lafayette and how her father was almost branded as a traitor. She details her relationship with James Monroe and Benedict Arnold. She tells of her loyalty to George Washington. She describes in detail how she became involved and in love with Alexander Hamilton. There are so many historical figures in this book. She truly takes you with her on her journey through her memories. She endures many betrayals and heartbreak but yet stays true and loyal to her Country and family she fights hard to build. It is a complicated book with various characters, maps and family trees. You must take time to devote to this one but it is worth the challenge. And July is the perfect month to tackle it.

Swan Song by Elin HIlderbrand - This is the final novel by this much beloved author. I have spoken of her before as my favorite author and this novel proves why I haven’t waivered in my loyalty to her. You will find many of her previous characters sprinkled throughout this book like Police Chief Ed Kapenash and Blond Sharon. In this novel a new and very rich couple move to Nantucket. They buy themost expensive home, a yacht , country club memberships and access to all the most sought after restaurants. They hire a girl named Coco fresh from the islands of St. John to be their girl Friday so to speak. She has only met this curious couple once in St. John where they were vacationing and offered her the position. Coco jumped at the chance and the change her life so needed. But what follows all the excitement of these mysterious new arrivals is a missing employee and a possible murder on the island! How is this connected to the newcomers? How will the people on the island react to this couple and who will lend a hand to help solve this mystery? It seems all our characters have a little role in this one. So I ask you how will Elin Hilderbrand wind up her last novel? Oh my, it’s quite a thrilling one…Please dive into this one and celebrate our beloved Elin on her “Swan Song.”

I have also checked out Danielle Steel’s Resurrection. This story is about Darcy who may find under the hardest of circumstances when things are the darkest a light will give way to new hope. I will give you my reaction to this one next time. But it is looking like a good read.

I am still reading Kathie Lee Gifford I Want to Matter. I have almost finished this little devotional book. Boy have I gained some insight and things to ponder. One quote from this book is “How can you find yourself if you aren’t allowed to be yourself?” I have thought about this one a lot. So many times I want to be a people pleaser instead of being my true self. How about you? This is a wonderful little gem of a book. Please give it a try. You may run across one of her stories that will resonate with you as well.

I just used our library’s Inter-Library loan system and borrowed the book MASH, yes as in the TV series. This book is by Richard Hooker. I so enjoyed this beloved and bold look at the Korean War while tuning in each week. This show is still available on many channels. I still enjoy the reruns. I so admired the doctors and nurses who worked diligently to save and protect who and what they could in the 4077th hospital. They worked under dire circumstances with little sleep, freezing cold and sometimes lack of supplies. Yet they persevered, sometimes with humor and sometimes with tears. I just received it so I’ll blog about it next month, stay tuned.

My BCD List:

Only the Brave by Danielle Steel. I listened to this one with rapt attention. This book is about World War II. It takes place in Berlin, Germany. It revolves around our character Sophia a young nurse from a non-Jewish family who gives her upmost to Berlin to help heal and save as many as she can. She and her family find themselves being persecuted and terrorized although none are Jewish. Sophia becomes a Nun and continues to defy the Nazi army with her harrowing escapes with as many Jewish children as she can manage. She delivers as many to safe houses and takes some as far as Switzerland. She herself becomes a target and is taken to a prisoner of war camp. There she mends officer’s uniforms and stays determined to escape with her fellow bunk mates. She is befriended by a Nazi officer who keeps her from starving, even if he can’t control the beatings she endures. Please read or listen to this story of how innocent people suffered for no reason other than what was in their blood. Stay in tune as to how Sophia endured and came through the end still determined to make a difference. I am still moved by this one. Give it a go.

The Duchess by Danielle Steel. This story revolves around our character Angelique, a young girl who is thrown out of her home when her step-brother Tristan, the new Duke and his wife take over after the death of their father. She is forced to take a job as a nanny to six children and adapts well. She does an excellent job and grows very attached to the children after 18 months of being with them. When a guest of her employers tries to take advantage of her she rejects him. He then relays a very different story to her employers which they believe, and she is let go. Without direction in her life she decides to travel to Paris to begin anew. It is there she meets and rescues a madam. She takes in other abused women on the streets and transforms these and other ladies to form Le-Boudoir. Will she ever reveal her true identity as a Duchess and take her rightful place? How will she spend her money she has guarded in a locked trunk left to her by her late father? This one has surprised me. I hope you give it a listen.

My easy July craft for you:

Light up Beach scene

Look online for any printable beach scene that you like. Print out. Using scissors cut around the scene and roll the scene into a tube shape. Glue or tape the edges until sealed. Let dry. Place your beach scene over a tea light and turn on. The scene will glow, tuck this little light into a cozy corner and enjoy the glow all summer long!

Easy July Dessert

1 roll sugar cookie dough (in refrigerated section)

Parchment paper

Colorful summer sprinkles (in baking aisle of grocery store)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees, Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Remove wrapping around sugar cookie dough. Slice and place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Bake for 8-11 minutes until lightly golden but still slightly soft. Remove and immediately and add sprinkles. Enjoy when cookies are cool to the touch. Store in an airtight container. Serve with and ice cold lemonade sipped through a colorful straw. (This recipe can also be made into bars.)


Where is your Bookmobile this month? Check out our website at or you can contact us at 304-255-0511 ext. 3! Call to find our schedule for the month of July to see if we will be visiting your neighborhood. Remember our Summer Reading Program runs until Friday, July 26. Come on out and see us. Grab a good summer read or DVD. We’ve got crafts each week and a cool Dr. Seuss Prize box!

“You belong among the wildflowers,

You belong in a boat out at sea,

You belong with your love on your arm,

You belong somewhere you feel free.”

- Tom Petty

Don’t you love summer?

The Bookmobile Lady

~The Bookmobile Lady~


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