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Hello June


Far up in the deep blue sky,

Great white clouds are floating by; All the world is dressed in green;

Many happy birds are seen. Roses bright and sunshine clear Show us that lovely June is here. -F. G. Sanders

Special Dates in June

Father’s Day June 16

Juneteenth June 19

WV Day June 20

I have a cute craft idea for you this month: The Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks. Buy a box for $1.25 and using stick on letters (also available at Dollar Tree) write the word June on a block and display on a cozy shelf. Welcome in each month with this idea. These make the cutest little signs just to tuck in somewhere. You can also paint each block and let dry before adding letters. You can also embellish the sign with a cute flower or ribbon. If you have nice handwriting then I say DIY and go. Another use for these blocks is to make name tags. Just paint your block white or desired color and use a permanent marker to write the recipient’s name on it. Drill a small hole in the top of block and tie it to the package with festive ribbon or string. Or let’s say you are hosting a gathering, please use these to write your guests’ name on a block and let them take home afterward!

What I’m Reading:

The Sweet Blue Distance by Sara Donati

This Historical novel chronicles the life of Carrie Ballentyne who leaves her large home in Manhattan with her mother, brother, step-father and step sister to accept a position as a nurse/mid-wife in the rugged territory of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She travels by Stagecoach, Wagon Train and on horseback accompanied by her brother for protection. The position she applied for is to care for Dr. Markam’s wife who is expecting. As she travels across this vast land in the year of 1857 she is met with many obstacles for a woman as accomplished as herself. Some don’t take to her independence as a sharp shooter or horseback rider. She must prove herself during this painstaking trail to New Mexico. She meets Eli Ibarra, a Mestizo who captures not only her heart but who understands her past she’s fleeing from and the present she’s running to. With his help and others on the trail she will learn to speak Spanish a much needed language as she accepts her new position. When she arrives in New Mexico and becomes acquainted with the Markam’s, she knows right away something is off. Who actually is she going to be a nurse for? Is it Mrs. Markam, Dr. Markam himself or their daughter? It’s a bit of intrigue delving into this one. I’m learning a lot of history and how territories were formed. This is my first crack at this author and I am loving her style of writing. It’s so engaging you don’t want to put down. I say please pick this one up at the library and read it this summer. It’s a long one so maybe it will be a summer goal for you. She doesn’t disappoint.

So I have had a Robin who made a nest at my house. She had 3 babies. Oh my goodness they were so sweet. I watched them from hatchlings to stretching their little necks for worms to the day mommy pushed them out of the nest and they flew away. I miss them terribly but I know it’s the circle of life they were showing me. But not to be outdone I purchased 2 ferns for my front porch. Almost immediately 2 little red headed House Finches found them and are now making a nest in each one. I normally have a little wren who loves my ferns but the Finches got there first. Just another part of the circle I guess. Anyway, I also have a wreath hanging on my front door. Well they have decided not only to perch on it and look at me through the window but to also take some of the décor off it to line their nests. Talk about entertaining! They wake me every morning around 5:30 with their sweet songs while sitting on my porch rail. Can nature get any better? I don’t think so. My rambling has a purpose I promise. These happenings caused me to pick up The All-Season Backyard Birdwatcher Book by Marcus H. Schneck. This book is available here at the Bookmobile Department. It goes into detail the habits of these little cuties including their eating patterns and nesting. I’ve always been an avid bird watcher and enjoyed my bird feeders but this year I’m getting free entertainment as my reward. If you aren’t feeding birds, maybe try it this summer. It’s so relaxing and puts you in a good mood. I do so love my birds.

O Wise Little Birds, How Do Ye Know The Way To Go?" - Harriet McEwen Kimball

What am I listening to you ask? The Ball at Versailles by Danielle Steel. This story takes place in the summer of 1959 at the Palace of Versailles. It chronicles the lives and sometimes upsetting times of 4 young American women and also French Debutantes. The group to be presented to society are 40 in all. Felicity battles weight issues and the shame she feels because of it. She has a perfect sister and a mother who can’t help but encourage her to drop a few pounds. Samantha (Sam) has a slight disability resulting from a childhood accident and fears she will fall when she is presented. Then there’s Caroline who just had a devastating break-up only to discover she is pregnant. How will she break this news to her parents in Paris? Last we come to Amelie, she and her mother are in Paris only after her mother was let go at her job and had to sell her grandmother’s ruby ring to pay for the trip. Amelie doesn’t know any of this. How will it affect her? It’s quite fascinating listening to the culture differences and traditions. I am loving this one. Give it a go will you?

Remember, Adventure Starts at Your Library!

Remember Bookmobile Summer Reading starts June 24 and runs until July 26. Please check out our website at to see where Bookmobile is headed this summer. Come out and sign up for our program. We will supply you and your child with a reading log, a craft each week and a small snack. We will also have our Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Prize Box full of goodies. You and your family can check out books as well as DVD’s. Don’t forget your library card and if you don’t have one, we will be happy to make one for you.

The Main Library also has plenty of fun lined up this summer. Make sure you browse the website for details or contact us at 304-255-0511. Our friendly circulation staff will be glad to help with any questions about summer programming you may have.

The Moon

I like to sit on our door-sill,

And watch the place above the hill

Get lighter every minute til

The moon comes up all bright and still.

Sometimes he is so slow, I think

He’ll never come, then in a wink,

Almost behind the big oak-tree,

He pops right up, and smiles at me.

- May Morgan

I’m glad it’s June, aren’t you?

The Bookmobile Lady

~The Bookmobile Lady~


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