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I am dedicating my February blog to Amy Smith, Branch Manager and fearless leader of the Bookmobile Department. As most of you know Amy took a very hard fall a few weeks ago. She dislocated her femur, broke her wrist, and shattered her pelvis. She is in Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV. She has had her surgeries and is recovering. She has begun her physical therapy with hopes of coming home in the following weeks. After coming home she will be facing a pretty long road to recovery. She will fortunately have a great support system at home and also here at work.

Through it all she is maintaining a positive attitude and cannot wait to be back with the Bookmobile. Don't worry she's keeping a check on us! She is the heart of Bookmobile and we miss her beyond these words I write. We sure miss her humor, wit and unwavering leadership to our department. Her chair has never seemed emptier. She keeps us running which isn't always an easy task, ha ha...

We know you guys also miss her at your community stops and the schools she visits. We know though with her determination she will be back as soon as she possibly can. So, since February is considered the month of love I felt instead of touting books or movies I would tout our own Amy Smith.

I cannot however finish this month's blog without the Bookmobile staff giving a much appreciated thanks to Amy Stover, our Raleigh County Public Library Director. As her title says, she is helping direct Bookmobile with managing schedules, duties and our daily activities. But most of all she is helping our department stay positive and strive to do our best during this difficult time.

A second thank you goes to the library staff members who have stepped up to fill in for Amy Smith on some of her school visits. You guys are great! Also, big thanks go to Danette (in Tech Services) and Addie (in Acquisitions). You are both great and are an enormous help to our department, offering to help us in any way you can. We appreciate you both!

We at Bookmobile may be hurting right now, but we hope to continue to provide as much service to our patrons as possible. If we reschedule or postpone your appointment with Bookmobile, please be patient as we hope to restore your service when possible. We haven't forgotten you!

~Happy Valentines Day!~

The Bookmobile Lady

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