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Now that just a little burst of spring is in the air why not venture out to your porch and listen to a book on CD? Let the spring breeze and adventure take you away. A nice cup of coffee and a warm blanket couldn't hurt either.


Have you ever wanted to "Spring into Something New"? Perhaps by taking a look at a book you wouldn't ordinarily read or a movie you wouldn't ordinarily watch? Well, I am currently reading The Lady's Mine by Francine Rivers. This book is about a woman who was disinherited by her family and found out she was an heir to a gold mine in Calvada. Needless to say nothing is as she expected, especially in 1875 where most of the town is populated by men.

I ordinarily wouldn't have given this book a second thought, but I will admit I liked the cover. The old adage says "You can't judge a book by its cover." This may be true, but the beautifully designed cover led me to start reading this fascinating book. It's hard to put down and I hope you will give it a try.


  1. Place a non-perishable food item, nice spring jacket, or even a puzzle book one of the Blessing Boxes scattered around town. Remember there is one right in front of the library.

  2. Volunteer to read some place like a children's class in a school, or daycare, a nursing home or assisted living facility.

  3. If you enjoy crafting, help with crafts at a senior center or any organization that accepts volunteers.

  4. Buy a box of cards and send out a few to shut-ins or people who may just need an encouraging word.

  5. Make a batch of cookies and deliver to the Fire Department or Ambulance Service. We all know our local hospitals could use a volunteer with a smiling face right now.

  6. Lastly, let's not forget our local food banks and adopt highway programs. They can always use a little help.

Of course, please check with any and all facilities for Covid protocols and ways to stay safe while helping others.

"Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses..." ~George Herbert

~How will you decide to put a little "Spring" into your step this month? ~

The Bookmobile Lady

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